Feelwell Today - don't wait until tomorrow!

I find that half of my clients need to understand what their symptoms are; some they may have dismissed as not important. I listen to your story and life for 1-2 hrs, the GP only gets 10 mins.

The next step then is to decide which dots to connect to see the full picture. 

Treatments offered include Kinesiology, Allergy therapy, CranioSacral Therapy and Vitamin B12 to provide as much support as possible for every client; from the newborn child through to the more mature adult.

Clinics are available at Simply Spiritual in Leamington Spa or remotely online.

Appointment times are flexible and are available most days.

At Feelwell we are dedicated to getting you back to health. We use our extensive knowledge of health issues and a continuous education regime to provide support for the immune system and the physical body.

I’ve seen specialists both privately and via the NHS, of all these I feel I’ve made the most progress with Leanne by quite some distance, I’d thoroughly recommend her.
– M Scott

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