Vitamin B12 Shots

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Could it be B12?

Vitamin B12 shots and supplements are becoming more in demand as people become aware of the many benefits, as well as the link between a lack of Vitamin B12 and various associated ailments or illnesses.

Vitamin B12 is vital to our wellbeing and every cell in our bodies.

Stress, fatigue and ‘brain fog’ as well as reduced physical stamina are common signs that our vitamin B12 is lacking.

Low levels of Vitamin B12  can be linked to serious issues including dementia and panic disorders.

Recently, the increasing popularity of veganism has made B12 shots more popular than ever before. This is because B12 is only naturally derived from animal products such as eggs and meat.

Benefits Of A Good Strong B12 Level?

  • Strong immune system
  • Helps fight viruses and bacteria
  • Reduced brain fog
  • Sharper memory
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Wound healing
  • Hormonal balance
  • Reduced period flow and pain
  • Reduced muscle cramps and tightness
  • Reduced leg spasms
  • Reduced tingling and cold extremities

Vitamin B12 Is A Powerhouse

Vitamin B12 helps to make DNA, nerve and blood cells, and is crucial for a healthy brain and immune system.

Your metabolism wouldn’t run smoothly without it. But B12 isn’t like other vitamins. It’s only found in animal products like eggs, meat, shellfish, and dairy. Up to 15% of people don’t get enough B12, and they’re more likely to be vegetarians, have celiac disease or other digestion problems, or be an adult over 50.

The signs of low Vitamin B12 levels include exhaustion, rapid heartbeat, brain fog, and other symptoms.

Why Isn't My Food Enough?

The reason that most of us aren’t getting enough B12 out of our diets could be due to a reduction of Intestinal Factor (IF). We require IF to absorb B12 from our diets. If this is reduced then we can feel under par.

Reasons for reduced or no IF can be due to prescribed medications, coeliac disease, stress, age and genetic factors.

Vitamin B12 Injections

My Training

I am fully trained and insured to administer Vitamin B12 shots. I completed my training with the Vitamin B12 Academy.

You can find out more about them here: Vitamin B12 Academy

For more information or to arrange a clinic in your Gym, Beauty Salon, Therapy Rooms etc. please get in touch.

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