Candida is a common problem for many.  Lots of people discount it and underestimate it’s impact.  Orthodox medicine recognises it in terms of virginal thrush or oral thrush.  It can cause a wide variety of symptoms.  It is natural for candida to be in our bodies but if it becomes out of balance in the body it can cause problems.

Candida can often be the root cause of a lot of health issues for people, from recurring bladder infections to anxiety issues and panic attacks.  The mental symptoms we feel can be debilitating.  It might cause: dizziness, anxiety, depression and memory loss.

It can make you feel truly terrible.  It is often the route cause of chronic fatigue, but not always.

We can guide and support you through any Candida diet and offer advice on supporting supplements to minimise the time required on the diet and maximise the positive effects.  Die off, of the candida, is the worst part of the diet but feeling better is the greatest goal of them all and a full recovery is possible.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux can be so distressing for both the parents and the baby.  You never know how much food the baby has kept down, if any, and if it is enough.

So, what can be causing it?

We’ve found it can be from the birthing process which is generally never easy for Mum or baby, even when everything goes well.  The Vegas nerve which controls the digestive tract can become irritated.  Using gentle Craniosacral techniques we can help to calm the nerve and allow things to settle.

There can be other factors to be taken into account.  Each case is looked at individually.

Sinus Issues

Sinus issues can be caused by may things.  This might include: dental work in the past, head trauma, body restrictions, inhalants and food reactions irritating the mucous membrane.

We don’t like to think about it but, we are essentially a tube from mouth to bum.  Anything irritating the gut can display as sinus issues.  This may give us symptoms of anything from feeling you are blocked or running through to sneezing and pain.

We can find out the cause for you with Allergy testing and Craniosacral techniques.

Unexplained Pains

There’s nothing worse than having a pain for which there is no logical reason or explanation, it can get very worrying.

There can be factors involved here that can get overlooked.  Together, through a thorough history taking, we can look to things causing inflammation like foods and reactions.

We can also look at any restrictions in the body which can causing problems.  Tiny muscles in spasm can have a big impact on our system.  With Craniosacral techniques we can painlessly release, any tensions held in the tissues which may be causing your pain.

Headaches / Migraines

Headaches and/or migraines can be so debilitating for lots of people.

There can be so many triggers which can include:

Hormone related, a possible cause so it is important that we get a full history of when they started and what was going on for you?

Had you started a different contraceptive or had a baby?

Were your stress levels high or have you had any long term stress?

Have you suffered a head injury?

There can be structural issues.

Dietary problems – the gut is our second brain and so there can be a direct correlation between gut health and our mental health.


Asthma can be another tricky customer for children and adults.  It is a symptom that can have many triggers.

There are things to look into that may help to ease symptoms:

Ensure there are no mould present in their environment – this is often a big trigger to sensitive people.

Keep perfumes to a minimum – this means no plug in air fresheners or scented candles as these can irritate delicate lungs.

Things that are consumed can also effect the lungs.  This can include: artificial sweeteners, colourings, favouring and preservatives.  These can all be triggers that can cause tightness in the chest.


This is mainly a childhood symptom and can be a very worrying one for parents.

A child’s immune system is so early in its development, it can only give certain signs that it isn’t happy, a rash being one of them.

In orthodox medicine, eczema is often linked to the cold sore virus (herpes) which is within the parent’s DNA and often presents as eczema in children.  This isn’t always the case but we will look at each child individually and assess how we can work towards a resolution.


Things that parents can try:

Nanny milk – if they are on formula.

Mum cutting out dairy if breast feeding.  Eating lots of green vegetables will provide the baby with enough calcium alongside a good balanced diet.  You can also use coconut milk as a substitute in coffee.

Washing clothes – do not use a biological washing powder, or strong washing liquids, and ensure that the powder is low in perfume.  Do not use a fabric conditioner.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue, or just plain exhaustion, effects more people than we ever think.  Everyone thinks, ‘Well everyone else is okay, why do I feel so tired?’

Chronic fatigue is complete exhaustion; exhaustion to the bone.  It’s when you wake up tired, everything you do requires thought and even the thought is overwhelming.

At Feelwell we see lots of people with this condition and know that it can manifest itself in many forms.  You might say anything from, ‘I just don’t feel well’ to ‘I can’t stay awake.’  These feelings are not uncommon and within these statements there are many in-betweens.

Together we will look into all the factors that could be contributing to your fatigue and try to find a path back to wellness and vitality.  It maybe that there is an infection, Candida, parasitic involvement or it may be emotional or diet related.

We follow the principles of James Wilson ‘The 21st Century Disease’ and chronic depletion in Upledger Craniosacral techniques.

This is a process based recovery and the plan is specific to the client’s needs.  Everyone is assessed on their individual needs.

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