To book an appointment or to discuss how you could benefit from Craniosacral Techniques and Allergy Therapy please get in touch.

Appointment times are flexible and are available at Simply Spiritual in Leamington Spa.


Mobile: 07838 197735

Simply Spiritual  

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50 The Basement
Clarendon Street
Leamington Spa
CV32 4PE

Prices from June 2019

Payment by Cash or Card please

Allergy Therapy

Allergy Therapy (Immume System) £120
- requires 1.5-2 hours

Follow up appointments £60 - 45 minutes

Pre-Pay £275 for 5 treatments

CranioSacral Techniques

Craniosacral Techniques £65
- requires 1 hour

Pre-Pay £275 for 5 treatments

Vitamin B12 Shots

B12 Shots £40
- 15 minute appointment

Pre-Pay course of 4 shots £120 - 15 minute appointments

With thanks to:

Inca Pinka for her scenic photography

Johan, Jack and Vicki for modelling