What is an Allergy?

The original definition, and one that Feelwell uses, is ‘an inappropriate response to a benign substance’.

The inappropriate response can be a malabsorption of vitamins, a skin reaction, breathing issues or a more severe reaction.

You should always consult your GP if you are having symptoms of ill health.

No needles or expensive lab tests are used.

When the body is stressed it can become unbalanced and histamine levels can rise; this means that our sensitivity level to a substance becomes increased.  In this state the immune system becomes reactive and it can feel like you are allergic to everything.  By identifying and clearing the issues one treatment at a time your body can have the chance to re-balance itself and function more efficiently.

“She’s the Sherlock Holmes of complementary therapy!” – Rob



Kinesiology is used – this is muscle response testing (MRT).  The muscle testing indicates the kinetic imbalance in the body caused by an allergen.  In simple terms this means a yes/no response from the body.  The allergen to be treated will show a weak response on the body.

There are no needles or expensive laboratory tests used.


The treatment used at Feelwell is a synthesis of various medical disciplines such as acupuncture, chiropractic, kinesiology and nutrition.

The stimulation of pressure points along the spine are used while the client is holding the allergen.  After the treatment, a strong MRT indicates the treatment was successful and the client will rest for 10-15 mins in the presence of the item.  Only one allergen (item) is treated on a given session.

A 25 hour avoidance is recommended but not always possible therefore another system is provided within the session.


A protocol of 15 initial basic groups are tested on every client.  These basic groups are the fundamental building blocks of our health.  Clearing the initial basics ensures the number of appointments are kept to a minimum and the benefits to a maximum.

Testing on other substances depends on your personal requirements which are established at your first appointment.  Further testing can be done at any subsequent appointment.

First appointment

During the initial appointment a full history of your lifestyle will be discussed.  This will include your past and present illnesses and your diet.  This will be followed by muscle response testing (MRT).  On completion of this testing, the results will be discussed and the clearance program formulated.  Suggestions for beneficial lifestyle changes appropriate to you will also be discussed.

One clearance will be completed at this time.

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