“Leanne is the Sherlock Holmes of the therapy world.” – Rob


“I met Leanne two years ago when I was suffering from multiple food intolerances and stomach acid problems following Chemo.
Leanne was amazing and sorted the food intolerances and got me off all medication using a combination of NAET therapy, Kinesiology and Craniosacral. After a few weeks of treatment I started to feel loads better. I can highly recommend Leanne and I am very glad I met her.” – Jan Thomas, Oxfordshire


“Gentle touch but very powerful.” – James


“I first heard of Leanne through a mutual patient, and thought I need to get myself organised too! Leanne gave me the time to sort my emotions, taking all I said into account, formulating and planning as she went along. Her diagnosis and treatment was spot on and this suited me well.  After 3 sessions I felt on top of the world, and have gone from strength to strength. I would highly recommend Leanne to anyone with allergies, digestive trouble, or just simply feeling under the weather with a non-specific set of symptoms… She can sort it and allow you to live your life again. The cloud has lifted after 15 years and I still feel on top of the world!” – Emma Fretwell, Chiropractor

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